Happy Valentine!

Announcing Textus Classics

Imagine you and your sweetheart starring in the greatest love stories of all time: personalize Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, or Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. We edit and typeset your unique book in a few seconds and ship it, gorgeously printed, to your doorstep.

We are Textus.io and this is our sneak preview. We are on a mission to preserve all of Mankind’s written heritage, and make it available for free to everyone, as an oline library of beautifully designed ebooks.

Even cover design has been automated. Tightly fitting typography and harmonious color palettes — all done by algorithms!

We can do so on an unprecedented scale, using the software we are building to fully automate book design and typeset all kinds of texts — literature and non-fiction, poetry and drama, with support for hundreds of languages. The Textus typesetting engine combines the typographic knowledge of five centuries with cutting edge digital technology.

Better still: with our web app, everyone will be able to print and publish their own work, too: novels, plays, essays, monographs — you name it! Textus takes care of all the nitty details to professionally typeset your book, in versions fit both for print and for the Web, fully automated, within a few seconds. Just drag-and-drop, and get top-notch design, instantly, without ever hiring an editor or a designer. Publishing never was easier! Soon we will be inviting people on our waiting list to try our private beta.

Imagine you could read any classic in the design of your liking: with Textus it’s as easy as selecting a theme, and your book is completely typeset anew!

To show-case our product, today we are releasing our very first editions: two great classics, for you to personalize. We think it’s the perfect demo indeed, showing off the disruptive potential of printing on demand, even more so when combined with fully automated typesetting. All of the production flow is done with a few simple clicks, going from a plain text file to a real physical trade edition book, paperback or cloth bound, as you like it.

What better day than Valentine’s Day, to scream out loud our love for books! What better books as our firstlings, than those two greatest love stories of the world’s literature! Everyone knows Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet: now you can be part of it and be at the center of the famous balcony scene. Or rather feel like a victorian gentleman, such as in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? (Did you know this year, 2017, is her bicentenary!)

Both our editions have their own dedicated web apps where you can edit the names of the characters. Go ahead, and add just as many of your friends and family as you like. Textus instantly typesets all of the hundreds of pages, featuring you and your loved ones, replacing the original cast. Re-live these great classics, tailored to your fancy, with your uniquely customized, beautifully printed book.

Finally, she can be Juliet, or he be Mr. Darcy!

Have fun!